225+ Amazing Questions to Ask a Guy: The Ultimate List

225+ Amazing Questions to Ask a Guy: The Ultimate List

Rosedale, Mississippi Highway 8 intersects with Highway 1. Robert Johnson and his infamous crossroads deal with the devil — in which he traded his immortal soul for musical genius — is deeply ingrained in the mythology and legend of the rural South and is one of the best-known tales of American folklore. Borley Rectory The first known reports of paranormal events date to around At this time, a few locals reported hearing footsteps within the house. On 28th July , four of the daughters of the rector reported seeing what they thought was the ghost of a nun from 40 yards’ distance near the house in twilight: Various people would witness a variety of puzzling incidents, such as a phantom coach driven by two headless horsemen, through the next four decades. Henry Dawson Ellis Bull died in and his son, Revd.

Attention enthusiasts of the paranormal, the unexplained, the mystical, the implausible…

UNIT’s status is supported by enabling legislation that allows it to assume emergency powers when necessary. They are also shown utilising heavy weaponry such as bazookas, machine guns, mortars, and in Terror of the Zygons , a depth-charge launcher. They wear PLCE pouches on police tac-vests, and also wear riot-protection arm pads and gloves, and have side-handle batons and quick-cuffs for arrests. Among these are special ammunition described by the Brigadier in Battlefield as armour-piercing rounds with a solid core and Teflon coating which “could go through a Dalek”.

Created by George Noory, and his long-time friend and colleague, Mark Rollings, the service taps into a unique audience. “Millions of people use dating services worldwide but few have a chance to meet people sharing their same interests in the paranormal.

Tweet First there was a sound of a thud, like something dropping on the floor. Those present in the home even heard someone lunging at the latch of the bathroom. But no one got worried, everyone ignored the rustling sound coming from the bathroom. Indian door latches often turn rusty and refuse to work in a single turn. But when Gaurav Tiwari did not emerge from the bathroom for almost an hour and there was no sound of the flowing tap, nor ruffling sounds of pushing water from body, his wife knocked the door.

She knocked one, twice, thrice. And then, she, Arya Kashyap, peeped through the window glass of the bathroom and screamed. A neighbour heaved at the door, almost fell inside by the impact. Pandemonium prevailed in the house. Gaurav Tiwari, the founder of the Indian Paranormal Society, was found dead on 7 July in the bathroom of his Dwarka flat. The family members did not notice a deep black mark on his neck, they had to rush him to the hospital.

An hour-and-a-half later, Tiwari breathed his last, even before the doctors could put him on the ventilator. It was on the morning of 7 July Such marks, Tiwari often narrated during dinner table conversations, are signs of revenge of spirits in distress.

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If you’re new here, be sure to subscribe to Ghost Hunting Secrets for free ghost hunting tips, videos, haunted locations, and other goodies. Would you like to test a house for paranormal activity? Today’s subscriber question covers testing for paranormal activity. Can you tell me how to test how paranormally active a house or location may be?

I don’t know about you, but nothing is more painful to me (in a not physical pain sort of way) than awkward silences, especially on a date. And talking about the same old things can get tedious. I started keeping a list of cool and interesting questions to ask a guy a while ago in an attempt to avoid awkward silences and generic conversation.

Also like the Bermuda Triangle, the Dragon’s Triangle doesn’t appear on any official global maps. Often compared to the Bermuda Triangle, the Dragon’s Triangle is an area where sea-going vessels and aircraft allegedly mysteriously disappear. Besides disappearing planes and ships, phenomena that are linked to the Dragon’s Triangle include ghost ships, USOs, lapses in time, and electronic equipment malfunctions.

Investigations into the Devil’s Sea Probably the most extensive investigation into the Dragon’s Triangle was performed by author Charles Berlitz. In his book, “The Dragon’s Triangle” , Berlitz reports that in the years from to , five Japanese military vessels were lost in the triangle with personnel totaling over people. He also writes that the Japanese government labeled the area a danger zone and then funded a team of scientists to study the Devil’s Sea.

However, in , Larry Kusche published “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved” and reported that his research found that Berlitz’s military vessels were mostly fishing vessels, some lost outside the Dragon’s Triangle. Kusche also wrote that the Japanese research vessel carried not personnel, but 31 and that an undersea volcano destroyed it on September 24, The Japanese government later recovered some of the ship’s wreckage.

Kusche’s research points to indications that volcanoes, seismic events and other natural occurrences cause most of the “paranormal” activity within the Dragon’s Triangle. The Dragon’s Triangle is a very volcanically active area; small islands in the area frequently disappear and new islands appear due to both volcanoes and seismic activity.

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Some of the events occurring in this town include the following: Pendleton incorrectly reported to Gen. Early on September 20th, Porter sent two brigades across the Potomac on a reconnaissance-in-force. After a violent clash along the heights bordering the river, Porter ordered a withdrawal. Total Union dead and wounded at Shepherdstown makes it the bloodiest battle fought in what would become the state of West Virginia.

Dragon’s Triangle (Devil’s Sea) The Dragon’s Triangle is one of 12 Vile Vortices, originally plotted by Ivan T. Sanderson. 1. Off the coast of Japan, almost exactly opposite the Bermuda Triangle, the Dragon’s Triangle is noted for similar paranormal like the Bermuda Triangle, the Dragon’s Triangle doesn’t appear on any official global maps. 2.

Guide for spiritual matters White: Protection of holy light and power Yellow: Warning Influence of Auras and Chakras on Color Some researchers theorize that if an orb is that of a deceased person, then the color is dictated by the aura of the person’s soul in its disembodied form. Other paranormal and supernatural investigators espouse the idea angelic energy creates gold and purple orbs.

Chakra orbs are described as energy emitted by a person’s own chakra system, as well as spirit chakras that take on the color s of the spirit’s chakra s. The website reports orbs have shown up within a person’s aura in Kirlian and regular photographs. It’s believed the orbs are the spirits of loved ones attracted to the person. Are Orb Colors Significant? There is no scientific proof to validate the theories orbs are ghosts, spiritsm or spiritual in nature. Additionally, there’s no proof the various definitions of what each color represents or signifies is true.

The assigned colors and meanings of orbs are widely accepted by some in the paranormal community, even though it’s unclear where these defining attributes originated. Some of the meanings can be traced to the same color significance given to the main chakras of the human body, and those associated with auras. Meaning of Orb Size The size of an orb is often believed to be significant.

However, there is more research available on colors than size.

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But has she made the right choice? Eventually will be Dipcifica, but they’ll be taking it slow. Rated T for abuse and frightening situations Gravity Falls – Rated:

F or all time and in all cultures we have been enthralled by the idea of a spirit world. It seems we remain fascinated by the idea of whether ghosts actually exist. Those who claim to have witnessed the supernatural will tell you spirits can take on a surprising number of forms.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I was exploring the lower deck when I noticed a fascinating model of the ship inside a glass enclosure. There was a narrow hallway about 50 feet in either direction and the area was deserted except for myself. As I leaned over the glass enclosure I was bumped hard from behind.

Thinking I was being pick-pocketed I immediately spun around, no one was there. I could see 50 feet in both directions, no one any where to be seen. The bumping was not in anger, simply a “here I am” or “I exist” motion. I was not afraid or angry. My family and I lived at a property in Wales during the ‘s and we experienced things that defied rational explanation, we had minor poltergeist activity, the occasional sighting but this was very rare and we heard footsteps that would occur regularly every evening when we’d all be downstairs watching television.

I woke up one night to get a midnight snack but when I got to the kitchen, it was like a chaotic mess! I put everything back together and organized but hid the broken cabinet doors..

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Dave Oester was a man who pursued many dreams in his life. He was the leader of the International Ghost Hunter Society, inventor, Reiki master, spiritual teacher, self-published author and publisher, USMC veteran, explorer, accountant, wildcatter, minister, lecturer, and dowser. Yet it was his last adventure that had the most tragic and final outcome.

Following the death of his beloved wife of 22 years in January , Dave Oester worked to rebuild his life. He fell victim to Catfishing an intentionally misleading romantic internet dating scheme involving an international inheritance scam that would lead him over the course of a year and a half to his death. Dave died alone in a hostel, unable to pay for his diabetes medication or enough food to keep his body functioning and his family is grieving his loss and tragic end.

Be a Ghost Hunter for a night while also aiding in the preservation of history. Come investigate the historic and haunted properties of the Mine Au Breton Historical Society in Potosi, MO.

It welcomes you to join a very unique group of men and women who, in many instances, have secretly maintained an ongoing interest in anything that defies a conventional explanation and I really mean anything. Can I really be suggesting a social dating society directed specifically to people interested in all of the forementioned areas?

Furthermore, these folks would like nothing more than to meet other people with whom they can discuss their thoughts, beliefs, and experiences without compromise…without fear of embarrassment. They want to speak openly to a special someone who will listen, understand their feelings, and react appropriately. You not only will have access to people who share your ideas and visions, but to make as many new connections as you wish. You make the choices. Keep in mind, this may also be the ultimate answer to possibly finding a potential soul mate.

The truth is there are too many people in this world who have little or no respect for anyone who visualizes anything beyond what can be seen, touched, or heard.

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